Saying Goodbye to Stuff – Part 3

STOP! Don’t hire an estate sale company to sell your stuff. The ones I talked to are predatory! After reviewing the contracts of the two places I was considering, I found that they had TIME BOMBS in them. One representative who visited my home said that they would clear my place out entirely. The contract […]

Feelings, Nothing more than Feelings….

The Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful here! I cooked, with the help of a UC Berkeley Engineering Doctoral Student from China who hadn’t the least clue about mashed potatoes, gravy, or bread stuffing! He helped me with the gravy, potatoes and whipped cream for the Pumpkin Pie and was delighted by the kitchen tools brought into […]

Saying Goodbye to People – Part 1

I’ve been trying to write about this for a week now.  It hasn’t been easy.  It’s all start and restart and start again.  If we were still in the age of the typewriter, my room would be filled up with balled-up sheets of paper.  Maybe the hardest thing for me has been the other times […]

Saying Goodbye to Stuff – Part 2

Are you ready to face the reality of the value of your STUFF?  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and get settled.  This is kind of a long article!  If you want the backstory, please read the previous articles. I have a fully furnished 1100 square foot home.  Two bedrooms – two beds, four […]

Saying Goodbye to Stuff – Part 1

Saying goodbye to friends is one thing.  Saying goodbye to possessions is another.  I remember my mom telling me after her divorce about how certain pieces of furniture reminded her of good or bad things about her married life.  I have towels that my dad gave me 40 years ago.  They are kind of ratty […]

Starting Over In Retirement

Hello, everyone!  I’m blowing this blog up and changing the theme.    I imagine my followers will decamp, if they haven’t already, because I haven’t posted anything about soap for a long time.  Those stories and photos are still there and are still valuable to me but I have moved on. Soap making was something […]

Two Home Made Melt and Pour Methods

What a way to start the new year!  A friend and I got together to try two methods of making melt and pour soap at home.  I teach melt and pour classes and sell melt and pour soaps. Since I have to label everything and would have to use a list of ingredients that doesn’t […]