Look, Mom, I’m Coloring!


Continuing our Anniversary experiment on my own yesterday I made these fun colors with gradations.  These were done using 8 oz. of soap mixed with 1 tsp. of a mixture of powdered colorant and glycerin.  One 4 oz. soap was poured and another 4 oz. of plain soap was added to the mix to dilute the color, so on and so forth until the batch was finished.

As you can see, I cut the yellows into soap samples.  This is 100% coconut soap and if you let it dry too long, it’s hard to cut.  Those were scented with a Rose fragrance oil and tinted with yellow oxide.  For a yellow rose, I’d like something brighter.  At the darker end of the scale, the yellow reminds me of butterscotch or taffy.  I’ll have to think on what’s the best fragrance to go with that color.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

From the left, check out Ultraviolet Blue with “Fierce”, an oddly named fragrance from Brambleberry  modeled after a cologne made by Abercrombie.  I would never have purchased it – it came as a sample – but it has a lovely aroma with a full range of compatible notes from green and woodsy to a bit of citrus.

Next in line is Black Oxide with Sparkling Snowdrop fragrance, which has been really popular this season.

The last and rightmost is Blueberry Jam in a combo of Ultraviolet Blue and Red Oxide colorants, also from a sample, and I love it!  It smells like the blueberry syrup that my Mom used to get for pancakes.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea and my soaping friend says it seems too sweet but we are not supposed to argue about matters of taste, right?

Check back in a couple of days.  I’ve got some plans to take this technique to the next level and combine them into some layered soaps using this “ombre” method.  Also, using my “gel” procedure for cold process soap, I think I can get more depth of color.

Coloring is so much fun!  And the soaps are fantastic.  These all coconut soaps were one of two types I make that sold out for the holidays and now won’t be available again for a couple months.


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