Soap Reviews

I’m so excited!  I’ve given away dozens of soaps to get people’s reactions and they are now just starting to trickle in.  If you have tried one of them, please comment below.

“Nice new soap!!! You are really on to something good!!!!I am IMPRESSED!!Thank you— I tried my new one and it smells sooo good!”   Betty

“I really like your soap!  Thank you! It is so hard and long lasting it surprised me.”  Gwen

“You definitely have a good sense for color combinations.”  Chris

“I don’t like strong scents and yours are pleasant and not overpowering.”  Carol

“I used that soap multiple times while we were cooking and it didn’t dry out my hands”  Charlotte

“My son liked the blue, yellow and white one.”  Joyce

“This smells so good!”  Lily of the Valley Scent – multiple comments!  This seems to be everyone’s favorite.

“My grandson likes the soap so much that he washes his hands more often!” Marilyn

“Your soap smelled so good, I put it in my underwear drawer!” (Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove soap) Kelsey

I’m pretty jazzed that people like my soaps and these opinions are giving me a big boost. There were a couple complaints about colors staining washcloths and I have dumped a whole batch.   Live and learn!

If you have received or purchased a soap from me and would be kind enough to leave a review, it would be very much appreciated.  Helpful comments for improving my products would be great so please comment on:

  • The size of the bar
  • How it feels in your hands while using it
  • Did it have good lather or bubbles?
  • How well did it clean?
  • How did your skin feel after using it?
  • Did you like the packaging?  (Some samples may not be packaged.)
  • Appearance of the soap – pattern, color.
  • Fragrance – too much, too little or just right?
  • Would you buy this for yourself or to give as a gift?

Thanks for your feedback!



3 thoughts on “Soap Reviews

  1. Although I am a fan of your soaps generally, I was especially wowed by the soap made with cocoa butter and actual chocolate. My husband really likes it too, and it smells fantastic on his skin after he showers.

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