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I’m resetting my life!  Soap and food will still be a part of it but I’m full speed ahead on a new adventure at the age of 58.  Never thought I would move again but I am doing it.  It’s my goal to get rid of nearly all of my possessions in a downsizing move that will save me some money and also to get a larger house to accommodate visitors since I’m moving far away from friends.

As I travel this path, I’m making a lot of tough decisions and hope to share my thoughts, feelings and what I learn along the way.  I hope you will join me and share your advice with me and other readers!

The photo above is of a campsite where I stayed in Utah in October of this year (2017)  I had been looking around for a cheaper place to live for years and it was during my stay here that the light bulb went off over my head.  “Why not here?  I love it here!”  This was my third vacation in Utah.


Johnson Street Soap

One of my most recent projects is making soap and I have had so much fun making soap that my house is filling up with it!  I decided to start a business selling the soap and have lots of really nice ones.

My mission was to make soaps, lip balms and other products using fine ingredients that you can actually pronounce and understand!  I have given up the business side of it and will now only make soap for personal use or gifts.   In the future, I may add more posts about my soaping adventures!  Recently, I learned to make linen sprays and am going to try to do some facial serums and might share some recipes if I find something that I like.

FWF Empanadas

Fun with Food

In September of 2014, Fun with Food was born.  It’s based on my experience with communal meals in my career as a firefighter in San Francisco.  Adventurous Home Chefs try new recipes and techniques, bond through working together and, finally, enjoy the fruits of their labors at a sit down dinner.  Wine included, $15-25 per person.  We have lots of fun and the quality of the meals is amazing!

In 2018, FWF will be moving to Utah and I hope to find a group of people there with whom to cook and dine!





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