Win a Free Bar of Soap!

It’s very simple, really!

Like my page on Facebook and you are automatically entered.  Once I reach 500 Likes, I’ll do the drawing.  It only takes a few seconds.  You can pick your soap from a wide variety of types, including the ones above, while they are in stock.

From left to right are a local beeswax and honey soap, a confetti soap with Black Cherry fragrance, a chocolate soap with Raspberry fragrance, or a Brazilian Clay and Shea Butter soap with a lemongrass fragrance. These are just a few of the soaps available in my inventory!  I also have a soap for gardeners and mechanics with coffee grounds to help exfoliate and get the dirt and grease out, Green Tea and Lemon soap made with real tea, Avocado, Mandarin Orange, Tomato Soap, Vanilla Soap, local honey soap, soaps for men – and there will be more soon.  An on-line catalog is on my to-do list.

You can get another entry by liking this blog and I’ll award another soap at 500 likes.

This helps me get the word out for my new business.  I hope you will read my blog posts, too, and learn about the soaps and why I get so excited about each and every one of them.  If you make your own soap, maybe you’ll find some tips or tricks or just enjoy, as I do, another soap maker’s story.

Please share this page and help me get the word out. I also encourage you to support your local soap makers.  Soap is a great gift so stock up for holiday hostess gifts and gift exchanges. Older relatives and friends like these, too, because they already have enough “stuff” and prefer gifts that can be used up and enjoyed.


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