Events and Classes


Have some fun!  Meet with others and cook dinner or make soap.

Soap Making Classes:

  • Private lessons on Melt and Pour soap, $30 per person.

    Maximum number of students is four.  Children under 12 free, one per adult.

  • Private lessons on Cold Process Soap, $60 per person.

    If you are interested in trying Cold Process soap making, this is the best way to start. You get to go through the steps of making a soap from a basic recipe , learn about safety and handling of materials, fragrances and color additives, and you are guaranteed at least a 2 lb. batch of good soap (8 bars, $80-100 retail value).  After this class, you should have the confidence to go forward and make some on your own!

    These soaps make great gifts.

    People who have had the basic class can come back for more  at the same price to experiment with techniques for different patterns and formulas.

    Maximum number of students is two.  No children under 12 allowed.

Contact me at or call 415-683-0533 to arrange for your lesson.  All classes are at my home in Albany, CA.

Learn by Cooking with Others:  

Pictured above are a lasagna made at a Fun with Food Event and some soaps made by participants in a Melt and Pour soap class.  Check out some of my blog posts for new patterns and colors now available to participants!

All events take place at my house just north of Berkeley.

Fun with Food Events:

Grab your aprons!  We’re going to cook something up and eat it!

This Sunday:  Let’s Make Salad Dressings and Marinades!  Learn principles of balancing acids, oils and emulsifiers to come up with dressings on the fly using what you have around the house.  Will be using some fresh vegetables for salads and marinating some chicken and/or beef for pan frying.   I’m leaving it up to the participants but some possibilities are Caesar dressing, lime/cilantro, basic vinaigrette, standard or creamy Italian, or a creamy/spicy dressing for a taco salad.  Bring your creativity!

Sign up through the Fun with Food Meetup, or contact me for more information on how to register. or call 415-683-0533.

Hope to see you soon!